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Academic Activities in Sociology Department

From 1995 to 2016, over 200 sociology colloquiums has hosted by Korea University, Through colloquiums, we diagnose Korea’s contemporary conditions and select appropriate topics, and promote the development of Korea society and sociology.

Current Activities

  • ● Sociology concert
  • ● Farewell party for graduate
  • ● Sociology workshop
  • ● Korea University Colloquium of Sociology
  • ● Symposium of Korea Society Institute
  • ● Monthly report of the graduate school
  • ● Registering journal “Korean society”

Research Projects of KU

The institute of Social Research, affiliated with Korea University Department of Sociology, was established in 1996, and has continued its academic studies, such as colloquiums, symposium, public academy. The Institute publish “Korea Society” annually and high-level academic journals by the Korea Research Foundation.

Scholarship Program

● Korea University Department of Sociology, which promotes human love for human beings, and the willingness to develop the challenges toward the future, is actively supporting students who strive for social development.

Choi Jae-Suk Scholarship (for Undergraduate students)

● The Choi, Jae-Suk Fund, named after an esteemed honorary professor, provides for tuition fee and living expenses to low-income students.

Baek-Seok(Hong, Seung Jic) Scholarship (for Graduate freshmen)

● The Hong, Seung Jic Fund, named after an esteemed honorary professor, provides academic research funds for promising research projects.