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Hwetbul – Society of the Department of Sociology

Hwetbul is the Social Science Society of the Department of Sociology, Class of Akchil. We choose important current news or social science issues as our topic. We then research the topic independently and share opinions with one another to expand our view of the world.

Akdong – Exhilarating Dance Club

Akdong is the one and only dance group in the Department of Sociology where those interested in dance, from beginner to expert, meet. Akdong is dynamic, cute, adventurous, pastoral, challenging, amazing, cool, unique, and fun! We are always trying new genres and we perform at least once every semester to present the dance we have practiced.

Yeominrack – Pungmul Band Club with 30 years of tradition

Yeominrack is the pungmul (Korean traditional percussion) band of the Class of Akchil. We perform Pilbong Nongak consisting of soe, jing, janggu, buk, and chaesang. Our major schedule commences with a performance during freshmen orientation (Saeteo), and continues with the road game of Shinhwanhoe (March, summer and winter) and Pangut (October). We practice every week, building strong harmony, community spirit, and sense of belonging through gut. This is a fun club where you can love pungmul, have fun together, and express joy.

Akbaguni – Basketball Club with Fair Play

We invite you to the Akbaguni, the basketball club of the Department of Sociology. Age, class, skills, and gender are all disregarded, so anyone can join us. If you want to casually enjoy basketball during your free periods or on weekends, come and have fun with us~~

UMAK – Performance Club combining Hip Hop and Vocals

United Musicians of AK7 is the result of a merger between the hip hop club (created 2009) and the vocal club, AKPLER (established 2011). We perform various genres, including hip hop, R&B, reggae, and ballad.

FC Akchil – Soccer Club with Tight Teamwork

FC Akchil is the soccer club of the Department of Sociology, Class of Akchil!! The major characteristic of FC Akchil is that it is open to everyone from freshmen to seniors with or without both legs intact so long as you have interest in soccer. There is no discrimination on any basis (including gender and age). Then you may wonder, are we actually good at soccer? FC Akchil demonstrates traditional South American soccer. Once we are in the mood, no one can stop us! The problem is that we may not always be in the mood during the game. However, compared to the soccer teams of other departments mainly comprised of juniors and seniors, we provide many opportunities to freshmen and play ball in a free atmosphere without any coercive hierarchy. In the last spring semester, FC Akchil won its first, historic victory at the College of Liberal Arts Cup, and now aims to move forward from group tournaments to the finals. In the near future, the golden age of FC Akchil will come to the College of Liberal Arts, just as it did to Galactico of Real Madrid and ‘The Invincibles’ of Arsenal.

Bimong – Band with Skills

Bimong is a band in the Department of Sociology that plays music of diverse genres in a liberal atmosphere.

Gominhan Cheok – Liberal Arts and Philosophy Society

We are Gominhan Cheok, the Liberal Arts and Philosophy Society of the Department of Sociology, Class of Akchil. As the name suggests, we share our concerns (gomin) with one another, and mutually search for solutions. We are especially proud of the free atmosphere in which people can talk comfortably about various topics. We aim to create a forum in which anyone can express any concern or opinion with everyone else attentively listening.

The management of the society, which organizes seminars, is also conducted freely. The topics for discussion, process methodology and reference articles are arranged through mutual discussion among all the members. Usually, our seminars consist of selecting one book and taking turns each week presenting a chapter. Thus far, we have featured Philosophy and Chimney Sweeper, which summarizes the epistemology of modern philosophy, and At the Edge of Modern Times, which examines the contradictions in modern society. During this vacation, we plan to choose a book on the topic of feminism. Besides these topics, we are open to building in-depth understanding of any topic or concern, so if you want to share your concerns, have discussions together, and grow together, please don’t hesitate to knock on our door. The door to Gominhan Cheok is always open!

B-Chang (Bee Chang)

B-Chang, a literature club that began in 2014, is an abbreviation of critiques (bipyeong) and composition (changjak). B-Chang conducts biweekly seminars alternatively on world literature and Korean literature and provides critique. Also, we receive compositions through the Facebook page, “9 o’clock with Literature.” We initially focused on composition and started as B-Cha Ang, but our area of critique has expanded. To honor the name of the first head of the club, Lee Chang Yeon, we created the current name B-Chang after the Korean word for critique, Lee Chang Yeon, and composition. If you want to read books but cannot do so on your own or want to share reflections on a book in a free atmosphere while eating snacks with us, you are welcome to join B-Chang.

Thus far, we have covered The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Sami Superstars’ Last Fan Club, Zorba the Greek, Norwegian Wood, 7 Years of Night, Egalia’s Daughters, The Night Sings, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Shadow of White, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Human Acts, Frog, Your Heaven, The Metamorphosis, The Last Day of the Month or the Way you Remember the World, and Lolita. We currently host the Facebook page “B-Chang” and “9 o’clock with Literature” (aka Moongoosi) and look forward to your interest!