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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Korea University Department of Sociology, which proudly hosts the largest number of sociology students in Korea, and its outstanding faculty members who are foremost of their respective research field. Since its establishment in 1963, the department has produced about five thousand graduates excelling in diverse areas including government, commerce, politics, media, broadcasting, culture, academia, and the arts.

Sociology plays an important role in understanding and addressing the rapidly changing world of globalization and informatization. As the era of compressed rapid growth draws to a close, Korean society is currently facing a complex critical situation caused by accumulated side-effects and new social problems. Intensified social instability arising from a low birthrate, aging population and employment insecurity, and an increasing popular awareness of quality of life and environmental issues are some of the urgent problems representative of this transitional period. In this context, among all other disciplines, there is a great need for an active role for sociology.

Sociology provides the critical perspectives and creativity necessary to convert problems faced by individuals into public issues, cultivates a mature sense of citizenship required by pluralistic democratic societies, promotes the acquisition of methodology for scientific analysis of diverse data, and offers various theories for systematic and in-depth understanding of fragmentary reality.

In 2014, the Department of Sociology has transitioned from a division system to a department system to strengthen the cohesion that binds its undergraduate students, and restructured the undergraduate curriculum to augment its systematic and comprehensive course of study by providing various courses related to four critical dimensions: politics, economics, society, and culture. Moreover, the department endeavors to provide the finest educational environment, exemplified by almost all graduate students receiving scholarships. We look forward to your continuous support and interest in Korea University’s Department of Sociology. Thank you.

Head of Department
Department of Sociology, Korea University