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1. Current Status of International Exchanges

International Exchanges

We have exchange and cooperative relations with the departments of sociology at the following universities: Fudan University (China), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Waseda University and the University of Tokyo (Japan), Utah State University and UC Berkeley (USA), and Saint Petersburg State University (Russia).

2. Special International Exchange Programs

1) College of Liberal Arts ‘7+1’ Program
While Korea University offers the Student Exchange Program (SEP) and Visiting Student Program (VSP) for all students, the College of Liberal Arts additionally provides its own ‘7+1’ Program as a separate, independent program. Previously, the program was run by the Division of International Languages and Literature, but has now been expanded to the Division of Humanities, allowing students in the Department of Sociology to study abroad and have 90% of the tuition offset.
2) Various International Exchange Programs
The Department of Sociology has built networks with East Asian universities, and exchanges such as academic conferences with these universities can easily be arranged. In addition, established networks with major universities around the world provide opportunities for participation in various international exchange programs.