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Korea University Department of Sociology

  • ● Established in 1963 in order to meet the needs of a modern, rapidly developing society
  • ● Seeks paradigms and methodologies attuned to social analysis and social development
  • ● Fosters specialists in various fields such as politics, economics, media, culture, academia, and law
Korea University Department of Sociology


  • 1963 Department of Sociology established
  • 1967 Graduate Program initiated
  • 1978 First Symposium of Department of Sociology held
  • 1995 First Colloquium of Sociology held
  • 1996 Institute of Social Research established
  • 1998 First issue of the journal KoreaSociety published
  • 2006 The BK21 Humanities and Social Science Project selected
  • 2009 150th Colloquium of Sociology held
  • 2013 50th Foundation Anniversary of the Department celebrated
  • 2013 Korean Society selected as an accredited journal for National Research Foundation of Korea


The Department works to build a scholastic community with global expertise, whose members can:

  • ● Form a comprehensive and objective understanding of humanity and society
  • ● Contribute to research into alternative social goals and models which can lead to a better future

Educational Objectives

The Department also seeks to:

  • ● Promote creative research to expertise and cultivate the capacity in students for in=depth academic research
  • ● Foster specialists with the ability to diagnose social problems and contribute to their resolution
  • ● Inculcate in future professionals the importance of contributing to society and of helping to foster responsible citizens of democracies
  • ● Develop international awareness and expertise and conduct research on a global level


  • ● Globalization of the research and professional activities of professors, students, and the Department
  • ● Networking with Ease Asian universities and hosting East Asia conferences
  • ● Development of a network with major university of Sociology in Asia-Pacific
  • ● Expansion of global network with sociology at the University of the USA, Canada and Europe
  • ● Development with a specialized field of study
  • ● Maintenance of consistent curriculum and course of study
  • ● Connection graduate and undergraduate courses
  • ● Expand a graduate student research support